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Equinox- Chapter 3

"Where do you think your going?" Anneliese accused Darith who was trying to sneak out of camp. Darith, startled that he was caught, turned around slowly with a sheepish look on his face.

"No where... I had to go releave myself.." He said gesturing to the forest.

"Sure. And why do you hafta bring your horse with you?" She continued crossing her arms.

"Oh, geez. Wow I didn't realize I was bringing him with me. Oops." He said as he dropped the reigns, running his fingers through his hair.

"Back to camp."

"But I really hafta go!"

"Then you can either do it right here, or you can hold it. " She said fiercely raising an eyebrow. He closed his eyes sighing as headed back towards camp.

"I'll hold it."

"Thats what I thought." She said smirking. Score one for Anneliese, zero for Darith. What a sucker.


"Where do you think your going?" Serena's mother said as she walked into her daughters chambers to find Serena packing.

"I hafta go back to Tarigot." She replied nuetrally.

"You can't! It's not safe! I'd go with you but you know we physically can't!" She said looking scary for a moment. But that didn't phase Serena, who continued packing. Agravated her mother stood in front of her, sitting down on top of her bag.

"Please move." She said fiercely. "You know I can't stay here doing nothing! I hafta save my people."

"We are your people!"

"But you aren't the people I grew up with." She replied back. Stunned her mother thought about as she slid off of Serena's pack.

"Your right." She answered solemnly. "Go. We will help you as much as possible." She said looking at her. Serena looked up with tears in eyes.

"Thank you." She said, then she finished packing. "I will ask Xarieth, Valance, and Qaries for help, to get there faster." She said as her mother left the room. Her mother sat there as she watched her daughter walk out the door, wishing only that there was anyway she could come with her. Knowing that it was impossible.

Serena walked out of the chambers area slowly, as if her pack was weighing her down. But there was more that was on her mind, when I do get to Tarigot what am I suppose to do? It's not like I can just march in there and kill the aliens. She shook her head pushing all the negative thoughts to the back of her head. Continuing on to the back entrance to the faeries world. Yes, there was a back entrance that was way more easier to get in this whole time. There was no reason to attempt entering the emotion sensitive wall in the front. When the whole time there was a back door. Sheesh.

She pushed a button, after scanning her hand print. Then a new scanner popped out, examining her iris, then the door slid open into an elevator. She stepped in then enter an 8 digit passcode to go down the mountain to the great wyrms lair. Man, it sure takes a lot just to go downstair for a visit, Serena thought as she stood waiting in the elevator. Finally there was a ping, allowing her to know that she had arrived. Before exiting the elevator she put on her glasses, so her eyes would adjust to the brilliant and ever changing light in there wyrms cave.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" She asked looking around. This was odd, usually Xarrieth was at the door awaiting her arrival. "Is anyone her? Guys this is no time to playing games! I'm seirous." She said putting her hands on her hips. Thats when it hit her, they weren't there, they must have left. But the question was why, because they rarely left their den. Only if there was trouble going on somewhere in Tarigot. She dropped her pack on the ground and made her self at home. They were never gone for to long. 2 days atleast, maybe this was a good thing. Allowing her time to straighten out her thoughts, and decide how she was going to settle everything. Her eyelids drooped as she plopped down on one of the numerous amount of beds that the wyrms had stolen, back in the day.


Darith was sound asleep when he was awoken carelessly by a great bust of hot wind. His eye's fluttered open slowly, but they soon popped open wide as he jumped off his blanket nearly peeing on hisself. There in front of him was a large scaley beast. He quickly grabbed his sword.

"Back off foul creature! I'm not afraid to slay you!" He threatened point his sword at it. The wyrm tilted his head to the side and started laughing a rough loud laugh. "What the-?"

"Darith! Put the sword down! Qaries prefers not to be threatened." Eric said pulling the sword out of Dariths shocked hand. Darith swirved around to face Eric, his eyes sending daggers.

"What the heck was the for?"

"I said put down the sword." Eric said fiercely. "This is Qaries, one of three great wyrms, they came here to pick us up to bring us to their domain."

"Why can't we just ask them for advice here?"

"Because its easier for them to communicate with humans in the desert." Eric sighed, getting tired of Darith's endless amount of snippy questions.

"That make's no sense! If they are as great as you say they should be able to give us advice here!" Darith said continuing on and on with his endless rigmarole.

"STOP TALKING! If you don't i will cut out your tongue and give it to Qaries to eat! And believe me he would just love that." Eric snapped at him. That kept Darith quiet for awhile as the rest of the group picked up their small camp. He sat near his horse looking around at the large scalely wyrms surrounding him. Once in awhile one would come up and sniff him, then turn around with a disgusted look on there faces.

"Come on Darith! It's time to leave!" Bard called over as he tied down the rest of the provisions and staples onto one of the larger wyrms backs. Getting up he started pulling his horse along with him, when Bard called back out to him.

"Uh uh! Tie the horse over there with ours! We can't bring him with us." Bard said pointing over to a tree.

"But they'll starve! And his coat must be brushed everyday!" He started contradicting.

"There's plenty of plant life around there for them to eat. We shouldn't be gone for to long anyway. And there is plenty of rope allowing them to run around." He continued. Darith hesitated for a moment but eventually he tied up his horse. As he walked over to the rest of the travelers he thought of something.

"Wait.. we are going to ride the dragons? I mean wyrms?" He asked his mouth dropping.

"Yes, how else do you think we were going to get there fast enough?" Anneliese said rolling her eyes. Darith shook his head, his staring at the floor. He climbed up on top of the wyrms slowly.. being careful as to not anger the wyrm or anything.

"Okay, let us GO!!" Eric said laughing, as Darith fell back words on the wyrm when the took off flying. If he had not strapped himself on, he would have fallen off, being a goner for sure. the rest of the group looked at him laughing, as they headed off into the sky nearing the desert, Taroole.

Equinox- Chapter 2

Serena woke up with a start again, however but she not so much as to awaken her mother. Looking around she slowly got out of bed tip toeing to the door. Waving her hand in front of the sensor to wake up the program to scan her hand print to let her out. Security was tight here, even though there was nobody else outside the faeries and her that lived her. Sneaking out she turned and ran down the hall way to the library room. At least thats what she called it, really it was just a giant computer where anything you could ever know you can look it up. Allowing the scanner to copy her hand and unlock the computer, she slid on her glasses. Glasses were something new for her, they helped her see better. Back in Tarigot they only had spectacles that didn't work very well in the first place, plus they weren't very pleasing to everyone elses sight. She looked up to the bright screen popping up. A keyboard slid out, containing buttons of a totally different language. Serena had mastered this language quickly, however she was still figuring out how to write and read in it. She typed in "dreams" into the computers data base, trying to see if she could find anything on dreams. Being basically a super computer, 500,307 suggestions popped up. The database was called Goggle, what a strange name Serena thought at first. To many suggestions she thought, then she quickly tried a different search database, Bong. Only 300 suggestions showed up. Ah, much better, she thought smiling. Looking on for nearly 2 hours she read about dreams, and what else they could mean. But nothing new about her dreams, and what they could mean. Her eyes were beginning to hurt, as she closed her eyes for a moment, but was suddenly awake once again when she sensed another figure present in the room.

"Did you have the dream again?" Her mother asked coming through the door.

"We reall need to put a siren or something in to warn me when you are coming out of know where." Serena said looking behind her, her eyes blood shot. Her mother smiled as warmly as her dark face could look.
"How did you find me in here?" Serena continued on exasperated.

"It wasn't that hard to find you, being an alien and all." She started. "And we also have cameras in ever room in this place." She finished smiling.

"Dang it. I forgot about those." She said grumbling, closing off all her database search.

"When are you going to tell me your dream?"

"Do you really want to know?" She asked sighing. Her mother nodded, looking straight into her eyes.

"It was about my kingdom being destroyed by a force of some sort. And there was nothing I could do about it." She said looking to the ground, studying it intensly. "Whatever was destroying it was taking my friends and hurting them, they struggled. But they were to weak to do anything about it all." Her mother's usually calm slanted red eye's became big. She gasped.

"What is it?" Serena said surprised.

"That force- it was.. it is.." She stammered.

"What is it? WHAT IS IT? There's something your not telling me!" Serena said standing up from the stool she was sitting on. Jumping up so fast her stool fell over.

"That force is another race."


"Another alien race. Did you think there was just us? We had enemies you know! That was actually our mission in the first place. To go out and explore other galaxies to find another safe place to live away from them. I guess they have found us and are now taking it out on Tarigot."

"WHAT! We hafta do something! What if they have already attacked and tortured my friends." She said getting up running back and forth not knowing what to do.

"No, they haven't arrived yet. We would have noticed there presence."

"Do you know how long we have?"

"No, but I know we don't have long. You need to go back to oceanus to warn everyone. We must get them out of here. We must get everyone in Tarigot out of here." Her mothers said, her eye's lighting up intensly."I'll go warn the militia." She said running out of the room. Serena crumpled down onto the smooth metal floor, leaning against the walls. How could this happen? Everything was fine until the stones disappeared. Why did they disappear anyway? That question had still been un-answered these many long months. Taking off her new glasses she runned her eyes. This can't be happening, what has Tarigot ever done to this other race? Was it only because my alien race was enemies? Or is there something more behind it all? She slowly got up, looking up she slid her glasses up, allowing the scanner to scan her hand, allowing her to leave the library room. She slugged to her chambers slowly, allowing all that had recently happened to sink in. Once she entered her chambers she started packing her things. She didn't know what she was going to do, much less what was going to happen. But she started packing anyways. I wish there was someway to contact Anneliese, Eric, and Bard somehow. Somehow to warn them of the deep trouble they were going to be in.


"Why must we leave at such an early hour? It's not like we are in a hurry or anything, just going to ask advice from so silly ole' dragons." Darith complained rubbing his eyes.

"WYRMS!" Anneliese, Eric, and Bard said in unison. They were already tired of Darith's tiresome chatter, and it had only been half an hour.

"Oh for cyring out loud, do you ever SHUT UP?" Bard said rudely rolling his eyes, when Darith gasped shocked that he was spoken to like a low life peasent.

"I'm insulted! If you were a servant on my manor and I was spoken to like that he would be fired immediately." He sniffed continued on to the head of the group.

"Geez- why can't we just let him take over the kingdom while we are gone instead of bringing him along? When we bring Serena back she'll just kick his butt and he'll whine and leave." Bard said.

"Sorry, as much as i wished that we could- we can't" Anneliese said, who had most recently considered the thought herself earlier. After they endured a couple more hours of quibbling between Darith and Bard, they stopped in the middle of a large field that was hours away from anywhere. Nobody could seen anything but plants and the occasional squirrel for miles around.

"Why are stopping here? There's nothing here!" Darith said starting out on one of his temper tantrums.

"Hold it!" Anneliese said, who was digging through her bag. "Ah here it is." She said smiling. Jumping of the horse, she was holding a wyrms scale.

"Wait what are you doing with that?" Darith said who also jumped off his horse.

"Stand back!" Anneliese said as she placed the scale on the ground and poured wine over the scale. "We need your advice!" She shouted towards the stone. The group laid back and waited. Soon they set up and small camp leaving the scale where she had set it orginally. Darith questioned everyone, wanting to know what was happening, but no one said anything. They wanted it to be a surprise.

Equinox- Chapter 1

It has been 3 years since Serena had lived with the faeries. Anneliese, Eric, and Bard returned to Oceanus safely, but not with out causing a commotion when they came back riding wyrms. Everything seemed to progress slowly as the people of Tarigot adjusted to the fact that the stone's were no source of help at all, it was just that their reliance on them was what kept everything going. Finally it seemed like finally everything was going right, until King Garmon died suddenly. It wasn't that big of a shock to the people, because he had been on his death bed from infections in the wounds for the last 5 years. But the big question was who was going to take his place, and rule Oceanus. Everyone, except those associated with the Peregrination, had been told that Serena had disappeared on the trip. So they thought everything was going to be doomed. Anneliese tried to keep peace with everyone, she was in place of the Dauphiness. But there was another who was in line to take the thrown. His name was Darith, even though he being only 21 years old, he had knowledge of monarchy beyond many in the parliament there. He had plans on reforming the country, leading up to the domination of all of Tarigot, which kept everyone wanting him to stay off the throne. However, the only person who was in his way to become king was Serena. But since Serena didn't die, he isn't able to take the crown. That was when Anneliese called a meeting with the original group.

"I have called this meeting because of center person's who threaten the future of Oceanus and eventually Tarigot if they come to throne." Anneliese said. As Eric and Bard entered a secret chamber hidden in the castle. When they had returned to Oceanus after leaving the faerie's world, Eric and Bard had been knighted up front.

"This is awful," Bard said, "What are we going to do to keep that butthead away from the crown?" As he sat down, smushed into a tight corner. The secret chamber was very small.

"I know, and I'd hate to say this and disturb Serena's happiness, but I think that we are going to have to contact her and bring her back. As much as I don't want to. I realize how important living with her mom and the other faeries is to her, but I'm sure she would want us to do this right?" Anneliese asked looking worriedly up to the young knights.

"Of course. But how are we going to contact her? I don't particularly want to go throught the Forbidden Forest, or the desert again." Eric said, as he pulled his knees up into his chest.

"Well remember that scale of a wyrm, the wyrms gave us? Well I have been doing some research and apparently you can use the scale to contact them. And I was thinking about trying to get them to give us a lift back to the faeries world. However, it's going to be a trick to get back into the world." Anneliese said as she pulled out a perfectly white scale that was 2 inches thick and tapered at the sides.

"How do you use it though? Do you just hold it up to your ear and go "Hello? Yes, I would love it a lot if you could give us a lift!" Bard said sarcasticly.

"NO!" Anneliese said irriated, "What you do is you put in a fire and it awakens something in the scale of some sort allowing a portal of some sort so we are able to talk to the wyrms." She finished, passing the scale around.

"That could work, but that still doesn't explain how we are going to be able to get into the faerie's world again." Eric said examining the scale, he ran his finger down the side slowly, cutting his finger at the tip. "Ouch!" he muttered sucking his finger.

"I haven't quite figured that out, but I'm sure the wyrms would have something to help us out!" She said, trying to be optimistic.

"Okay, BUT.." Bard started

"Oh come on! Not another but!" Anneliese said exsperated.

"Who is gonna stay here to make sure Darith doesn't decide to waltz in and claim himself king?"

There was a silent moment, as each thought about it.

"I honestly have no idea, I mean I hafta go get Serena, however i'm the only one keeping from taking the throne." Anneliese said thinking hard.

"Ha ha," Bard laughed.

"What is it now?" Eric said tiresomely.

"Why don't we just bring him with us? That way we can keep out of trouble." He finished laughing it off. To be honest with you guys, I seriously don't think it was all that funny (author's note)

"You know what.. that could work!" Anneliese said.

"WHAT?!" Eric and Bard said unison.

"We couldn't let him know where the faeries are stationed! If he knew he would use them and their power to take over Tarigot, like that!" Eric snapped.

"No! Of course we wouldn't bring him with us to the faeries! We would leave him with Xarieth, Valence, and Qaries. They would watch after him carefully" She said grinning crookedly.

"Ooo, You got a point there." Eric said, as a mischevious looked crossed his face.


"Oh come on Bard!" They groaned.

"Just let me finish! How will we convince Darith to come with us? He obviously isn't going to come if he knows we are going to retrieve Serena!" Bard said.

Now that was something to ponder about, the group thought. How are we going to convince him to come?


Serena woke up with a start, this was the 3rd night in a row she has had a nightmare.

"Whats wrong?" Her mother asked looking as concerned as a alien could. Oh, excuse me for those who weren't smart enough to figure out that the faeries are actually aliens from the last sentence in part 1. Well surprise! They are aliens, and to continue on..

It turns out that the Sophia Stone's had actually come from a different planet, from another galaxy. They came through the world portal along with the aliens, faeries, whatever you want to call them, when a mission went bad. The stones on the alien planet was a source of power that kept everything going. The aliens were on their way to another galaxy when they started getting sucked into a black hole, when their means of transportation malfunction making the stones die quickly, so the head captain removed the ones that retained any power quickly. They were sucked into the endless emptiness of the black hole, where they thought was their end when they entered an area of bright light, which brought them to a steel gray world. It was metalloid elements that were retained there. So they built a new kingdom out of them. After awhile some of the aliens went outside that world to explore the world around them, thats when they found Tarigot. Apparently Serena's mother was one of the adventerers and when looking over Oceanus she fell in love with a young a prince there, King Garmon. So she stayed there. But in order for her and the other faeries to live outside their metal world, the stones had to be placed outside through out Tarigot. So when the stones went back to their home planet, because they were summoned by the Emporer aliens, the aliens had to come back to their world that they had created. When the aliens first ventured out, the people of Tarigot didn't know who they were, but from their old folk legends they thought them to be the creatures their imagination thought up called faeries. So thats how the name stuck.

It took her mother a long time to explain this to her.. in a way she could understand. This whole story was beyond Serena's thought process. Humans, only use 10% of their brains. Aliens use all of their brains and beyond, making them a very advanced and civilized race.

"What's wrong" Her mother asked looking as sympathetic as a alien with red eyes could.

"It's nothing," Serena said rubbing the crust out of her eyes.

"Did you have a nightmare again?"

Serena hestiated for a moment before answering. "Yes." These dreams had been happening for the last couple of days, picking up where they had began. She could barely go to sleep at night, with the thought of them coming back. The nightmares had always came on and off for her, since she was a young child. But never as this consistant and vivid.

During the peregrination that was held 3 years ago, that was the last time she had had a dream, or a vision per say as vivid as these were. She had began researching dreams, and visions, noticing that most of her dreams were representation of something that was going to happen. That was what frightened her the most.

Her most recent night-horrors involved a kingdom burning in flames of blue. All the people being burned alive, melting to their doom. In her dream she was the ruler, the head in monarchy and there was nothing she was able to do. No matter what, whenever she tried putting out the fire that had started, the fire wouldn't go out. She tried beating out all the flames, but once she thought she had put them out they would come back.

"What was your dream about?" Her mother asked looking straight into her eyes. One unique thing about aliens was the fact if they are able to look straight in between the iris of the humans eyes, into the pupils they are able to read their mind. However, Serena being part alien her self, prevented her mother from reading her clearly.

"It was nothing.. Its all a blur. I don't remember it. Really! It's all over. Let us go back to sleep now." Serena said, her fake smile concerning her mother.

"Okay.. if you are sure." Her mother replied, going along with her daughter.

Yeah, I'm sure. Serena thought as she laid her head back down on the silver square for a pillow. It may look like just a block of metal, but it was made out of smart matter, allowing the pillow to adjust to its users needs.

Are my dreams about what I think it is about? She thought, as she slowly nodded back into sleep, hoping to not hit the REM cycle.


Anneliese had ordered a meeting amongst all the knights, lords, and other young monarchy in the kingdom. She knew that naturally Darith would show up. Many young Duchess's gathered in a group gossiping about Darith, giggling behind their fans.

"Ladies! Would you please be considerate of other people? Please get your pea brains out of the gutter while your at it!" Anneliese snapped at the Duchess's. Sniffing, being the divas they were they walked out of the meeting and went off to talk such rigamarole somwhere else.

"Okay, thank you all for everyone joining us here today. We have some important matters to discuss." Eric started, standing up projecting his voice over the crowd.

"Come on! Please hurry up with it all," Groaned Darith, fixing his hair. " I have a joust match at 3." He said glaring straight at Eric.

"Well because of the monarch crisis that has been going on, we have decided to go visit the great wyrms again, to ask for their advice. We would like volunteers to join Anneliese, Bard, and I." Eric finished.

A wind of whispers came up through the crowd. 'No way! I have enough on my plate already.' 'Hmm.. that would mean eternal glory right?' ETC.

"I will join." Darith said. "I'm not afraid of any ole' dragons." he sniffed, smiling snobbily.

"They prefer to be addressed as Great Wyrms, Darith." Bard said, defending his friends.

"Whatever, I'm coming anyway. When shall we set off?" He said dragging his hand through his hair again.

"That will be discussed later. Everyone is dismissed!" Anneliese shouted over the now loud crowd. Darith started sneaking out to his Joust match when Anneliese caught him. "Oh no you don't! You hafta stay here with us to help plan our journey." She said smiling crookedly. Their plan had worked like a charm. Darith, not being to bright in the first place, had taken the bait and is now stuck with them on the journey. One might think, What about all the other young monarchs that might have thoughts about taking over the kingdom while the ones protecting the throne are gone? Well honestly, those teens are to obssessed about wordly things to care about it. Much less even consider and plan out a way to take the throne. So there was no reason to worry about them.

"What's so important that's going to make me late for my jousting match?" Darith said pulling back the arm that Eric had grabbed and dragged him to the back corridor with.

"We need to discuss plans, schedules, and packing preparations, you goon." Anneliese said more sharply than expected.

Darith settling down, rolled his eyes. "Is that all?"

"Yes. Now you are only allowed to bring one horse, no bodyguards, it's going to be only us 4..." Eric said, the list went on and on.

A Note from the Author

Hey guys! I Just wanted to make a quick update saying that Peregrination, even though the book is completed, but it is the first draft. I still have LOTS of editing to do. :) And now coming up is Equinox! I suggest that you read Peregrination first, inorder to understand Equinox. :D Thanks for reading!


Peregrination- Chapter 13

Serena returned to the faerie world in a bang. She got up looking around seeing she had entered a collessium of some sort. Thats when she spied he friends cornered by a group of tall faeries surrounding them, looking intimadating with long spears with poison tips.

"Hey guys!" She started but she soon realized that that was not a good idea. The faeries turned around and started charging after her. "Guys-? Whats going on?" She started racing toward the other end of the stadium where she saw an exit when she tripped. "Ugh,". She would have thought that this was her end, if she had not just gone throught death its self earlier. But still being human she sheilded heself with her limbs as she curled up into a circle. However, there was no need for that, her mother came out of nowhere talking fiercely in an ancient tongue to the other faeries. The warrior faeries slowly backed away bowing to her as Serena got off the ground with the help from her mother.

"What was that all about?" Serena asked as she and the faerie walked to her friends, as the closed the gap between each other.

"They are warrior faeries, they were questioning your human friends. Deeming them worther or not to live. Luckily we have come just in time to keep them alive." She replied.

Eric raced ahead of the others heading toward Serena,

"This boy, does he like you?"

"What-?" Serena said surprised. "Oh come on mom." She groaned, with a hint of laughter.

"Stay away from her! Serena are you hurt? What has happened, what is happening right now?" Eric asked out of breath from his andrenaline burst of speed.

"I'm fine." Serena started. "Eric, I would like you to meet.. my mother." She introducing him.

"Your what?!" Eric said startled. "I knew you had faerie blood in you after what we heard what the nature magician said, but I figured it was like a distant relative, cousin maybe... But your mom?" He finished stunned.

He looked at the tall elegant, yet highly scary faerie that stood in front of him. She looked nothing like Serena. However, there were some similarities. But what? This is not the time to think about that right now. He said shaking the thought away.

"Serena! We were so worried about you!" Anneliese said as she ran in huggin Serena.

"Yeah, when we weren't to busy worrying about ourselves. Man those guys are scary." Bard said, as he stepped back running into Serena's mother. "Oh geez! You guys are everywhere."

"Annelise, Bard, I'd like you to meet my mother. She is a faerie, as one can easily see. When the stones disappeared all those years ago, she came back here to live with the faeries where it was easier to live.." Serena said.. but she faded off.

"Mom, the stones weren't there." She said looking up into the bright red eyes.

"I know."

"WHAT? You knew this whole time? "

"Of course, we knew that the stones had no impact on Tarigot. They were just another thing for humans to put belief in for them. We should have disposed of them long ago." She said he face hung.

"But when they disappeared all the faeries came back here, but the world portal said that they had no affect whatsoever. Why did you leave?"

"It has no affect over Tarigot, and the creatures that had come to be born there and live there for the rest of their lives. We are not from here." She said, as all the groups jaws dropped.

Thats when it all hit Eric, "So the stones don't mean anything? They are simply just there for us to believe in?"

"No. They weren't made for us to idolize, we made them our idols." Serena said. "They wre just there, we just thought they kept the peace in Tarigot, when really we were the ones the whole time. With the stones not there everybody figured that everybodys quibbling was the cause of the stones disappearance."

They stood there quietly, allowing it all to sink in. So the stones were there for no reason? They were just simply there? We justed wanted something to protect us, because we were to lazy to do it ourselves.

"So this peregrination was useless?" Anneliese asked.

"No, I don't believe it was useless." Serena's mother cut in. The group looked up at her with a quizzical look on their faces.

"You guys would have never learned anything from this, if you had not came on this expedition, or peregrination if you will."

"True," Serena started. "But what are we tell all of Tarigot, when we come back with no stones?"

"If they believe in something other than the worldy stones, they will believe you."

"So this is the end?" Eric asked.

"I guess so, we should probably head back soon. Mom is there anyway you can come with us?" She asked.

"No, because of the disapperance of the stones our kind does suffer. So I will hafta stay here. So you guys won't hafta go through the forest again I will prepare you a way home in a different means of transportation." She said. "However, you will not leave now. YOu shall depart tomorrow morning." That was all that was said. Everybody was shocked. It was over, that was it. They didn't even realize how they got to chambers where they took rest that night. They slept for more than 14 hours, gaining much needed rest. It had been a long time since they could sleep at ease. However, Serena didn't sleep with quite such an ease as the rest. She had a thought that had been bothering her the whole night. When it was a decent time to get up, she looked around for a long time until she found her mothers chambers where she talked with her until her peers awoke.

The morning was dark, but still brighter than the evenings there. When everyone was awake and moving they took their breakfast and gathered there few belongings together to prepare for their journey back.

There was a surprise in store for them when they were about to leave.

"Guys," Serena started.. choking back tears in her eyes. "I'm not coming back with you."

"WHAT?" The threesome said in unison. "You hafta come back though! Who is going to take over the kingdom? You are the Dauphiness!" Anneliese protested.

"Why are you not coming back with us in the first place?" Eric asked slowly.

"I have decided to live here with my mother for awhile, to learn about who I truly am. And when Tarigot needs me I will come back." Serena asked as tears streamed down her face. She grabbed Eric hugging him, as he heald her back. Annelise came in, who had also started crying. "But we will miss you," She said..

"Who will I bother now, since your not going to be here?" Bard asked coming into the circle.

"Anneliese," She replied with a hint a humour in her wavering voice.

"Hey!" Annelise replied back.

They stood for a moment, all close. It seemed like it came to an end to short, especially when they were interrupted when a faerie came in and told them that their ride was ready.

"Are you sure you don't wanna come back now?" Anneliese asked one more time.

"Yes, I believe this is what I need to do right now, but i promise I will return." Serena said as they finished their farewells.

"I'll take that to word," Said Eric, winking, as they got on to their ride, a Wyrm. The wyrms had generously offered to fly them back.

Serena stood there watching her friends fly off into the distance, her mom coming up behind her putting an arm around her shoulder.

"You did the right thing." She said. Her red eyes looking down on her daughter.

"I know," Serena said smiling up. "When will my questions be answered?"

"Ask a way,"

"If your people came from the same place the stones came from, where are you exactly from? And are you faeries or not?" She asked quizzically.

"The Sophia Stones had came from another galaxy itself, we are not from here.."

"What are you then? No lies, I know you are not what you say you are." Serena said as they started walking back to their chambers.

"How do you know we aren't faeries?"

"Faerie's aren't affected by anything."

"Have you ever heard of the term extra terristrial?"


Peregrination- Chapter 12

While Serena was learning more about her past and future. Bard, Eric, and Anneliese quivvered in fear, for they were about to be judged by the faeries.. in order to deem them worthy enough to live.

The tall silhouttes loomed over them. Coming closer at each breath. What are they gonna do with us? Looking up they saw that chairs and balconies of the colloseum started filling up the tall, tapered creatures. Looking around the whole room quickly, they saw that they were all darkly colored creatures, with pale skin.

"There's no way these could be faeries." Bard said looking around.. "Faerie's have always had a light colored scheme."

"I wonder if their change in colors was affected by the disappearance of the stones." Eric said.


The group stopped talking instantly, as not to anger the already seemed ticked off faeries.

Your time for judgement has come.


'Where is this portal exactly?" Serena asked.

"It's closer than you think. Remember that big ball of light that you were in? Well it was a penumbra, an eclipse."

"But I thought eclipses were when the moon is right in front of the sun, allowing no light on the world."

"True, but in our World, the light that was hidden from the Eclipse comes here, which allows one to travel by it. That's why you were floating endlessly."

"But that doesn't explain how we reached the 'walls'. Light doesn't have an end."

"There are things past the science of this world that we don't even know of."

"So this, penumbra, how does it exactly help us get to the world portal?"

"Because it is the world portal, and the only way to access it is during the penumbra, which only comes once a year here."

"So it's to late then? We are going to hafta wait a whole year before we can even get a chance to retrieve the stones?"

"There is actually a way to start the penumbra again, but its very risky and messes with the balance of time."

"By the time the next eclipse should come around, it would be to late for Tarigot." Serena said seriously, realizing basically Tarigots future was now resting on her shoulders."I'm going to take that chance." She said firmly looking up into her mother, the faeries eyes.

"I understand. In order to perform a task of such feat would take time traveling."

"Time traveling? That actually exists?" Serena said as her jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

"Of course! Naturally, how else do you belive we came to be here?"

"What do you mean-?"

"The rest is for you to find out eventually." Her mother replied.

"When and how will this time traveling take place?"


"What-?" Serena started but was soon cut off, with a blinding flash of light that took her away into itself. She kept winding around and around and around. Becoming every dizzy, nearly causing her another fainting spell, but she knew she had to takes to bring back the stones. Tarigot was counting on her. The lives of all the people Tarigot contained were counting on her. The light that had gathered from the eclipse started spinning faster and faster, when then. Silence collected around her as she fell slowly in what seemed an endless black. Is this the world portal? She thought. It just seems like nothing, how is this suppose to get me anywhere?

'I thought you would be here soon,' said a familiar voice.

"huh?" Serena said as she jerked around seeing nothing, there was nothing in this endless abyss.

'Please, Serena, can you not tell it's just me?' Said Eric as he popped out of nowhere.

"What are you doing here? Your not physically able to be here!" Serena questioned him, more scared than puzzled.

'Is that what that faerie told you? You trust her why? Did she not appear to you in a dream? In that dream did she not try harming you?" He asked as he started pacing around.

"You are not Eric," Serena continued.

'Why do you think that? How can I prove it to you? I was impersinated by a nymph, in the Forbidden Forest, he lead you into a bed of Scares. You were the only one considered 'worthy' enough to communicate with dragons. Is that proof enough for you?" He smiled crookedly.

"NO! Your not him! What are you?!" Serena shouted taking a swipe at Eric, whom her hand went through him like he was air.

'How do you know its not me?!'

"Because I never told Eric what happened in my dream! You are not him!"

"Ah, you are smart child," Started the Eric impersinator as he melted away tranforming into a black mist almost as dark as the emptiness that surrounded her.

"What are you?"

"I think you should know. Think about it, Serena, really think about it."

Serena closed her eyes slowly, she thought deep and hard. Remembering all the times that had happened during this Peregrination.

"Fear." She said opening her eyes as the darkness became closer suffocating her. "You are fear, and I shall not let you take over me." She said choking as she said it. Fear had turned into a mist, filling up her lungs nearly suffocating her, as she died.

There was a bright light, Serena, saw as she opened her eyes. However she did not flinch from the quick change from pure darkness to the purest light.

"Where am I? What happened?"

"You are here. The world portal." Said the light whispering back to her. "The darkness had taken over you, but you had resist, allowing it to kill you. You were dead."

"Where? I am alive now? Why was that fear there?"

"To turn you astray from your goal, to retrieve the Sophia Stones to save Tarigot."

"The world portal? So that emptiness back there wasn't the world portal?"

"No, that was a black hole."

Serena's brain felt like it was nearly about to explode with all these new ideas, and explorations going through her heads. Fear? Black Holes? World Portals? But then she cam back to herself, remembering what she had to do.

"Where are the Sophia stones?"

"They have returned to where they have came from."

No one knew where the stones came from, nor did anyone know what source of power the stones contained.

"But only two disappeared, the Oceanus stone is still in Tarigot."

"True, but it is soon fading, so it will return soon too."

'How can i prevent this from happening?" Serena said to the light. "Tarigot depends on those stones! Thats the only thing keeping Tarigot alive!"

"Tarigot has become foolish."

Serena straightened up, surprised. "What do you mean?"

"Tarigot has grown to attached to worldly things, allowing stones to do the work. Thinking that they can easily just live off them. If you honestly tried, Tarigot could live in harmony easily amongst everyone." The light said angrily.

"How did this happen?" Serena said. "Have i also become attached to these stones?"

"Yes, you are also committed to them, for you have the desire to bring them back and protect your world. Laziness, sheer, laziness."

"So, you know that Tarigot can easily get into harmony if we just try?"


"How am I to get back?"

"We will send you back to the faerie's world." The lights started to swirl around her faster and faster.

"Wait! Before i leave, I must know. Where did the stones go? I must know!' Serena said her voice rising over the lights.

"You will find this out in the future," They replied. Then everything turned dark. As Serena floated through the black hole, back to the faeries.

Peregrination- Chapter 11

It was still very bright, even though they had finally gotten out of the room of light. So they could barely make out the figure that the voice had come from. However, they were to busy trying to get out of their stuck positions and trying to get to the recently fainted Serena, to notice. The figure approached Serena and picked her up in its arms and carried her away, as the rest of the group screamed: "BRING HER BACK!" "What do you want with her?!" "Can you get us un-stuck?"

The creature continued on leaving them dangling, when more of the creatures appeared, saying something in some sort of ancient language, where the rest of the people fell to the ground. Thats when the creature's picked up each person and carried them off in the opposite direction. Eric struggled trying to break free, but the figure's grip just grew tighter until he finally gave up. The walk didn't take long, they soon arrived into what was the faerie's castle.

The castle, didn't look like a castle. It was as silver and metallic on the inside as it was on the outside. What was interesting though was that the outside of the building made the faerie's domain look very small, but the inside was very large. Almost as if it was a whole different world, it even had a sky that seemed as if it would never end, but no clouds or sky, just a never ending light. Dark gray buildings shaped in geometric shapes were placed in an orderly pattern, which surrounded a large sphere building which was the faerie's castle.

Once inside the castle the group was dropped onto the floor of what looked like a collessium of sorts. It had chair that surrounded the circular room, going all the way up. Then there was a balcony the lipped over which contain big chairs. The floor was as smooth as glass and as black as pitch. The group, dizzy from being hung upside down for most of the trip over there layed on the ground for a minute before getting up.

"Where do you think we are?" Anneliese asked laying on her back looking around her.

"I'm guessing this is almost like a parliament meeting house, or something of that sorts." Eric said who sat, holding his head.

"Did any one catch a look at the.. faerie's? If thats what they are.. right?" Bard asked.

"No, it was to bright to see them."

"However, if they come in here we might get a chance to see them. Since its darker."

"What should we do? Try to make a run or something?"

"No. We shouldn't do anything to anger them. I have a feeling they aren't what we have always thought they were." Eric said slowly, as 3 faeries started walking towards them.


Serena, had been unconcious for about 2 hours now, ever since she saw the creature that was in her dream. She woke up, looking around her. It was a dull gray color. She was lying in some sort of gray matter (ha), which engulfed her body in, and was what almost seemed like was reviving her, giving back her strength. She looked around the room. Everything was in the same color scheme, grays, blacks, and whites. When in the corner she saw the tall black figure that had carried her here. She closed her eyes trying to forget about the creature, thinking that it was only her mind playing tricks on her. Her eyes flicked back open to find the creature standing right next to her.

"Serena." The creature said.

Serena looked up slowly, fear in her eyes. She made out a face, it was white as a sheet, having a long nose of some sorts. Its eyes were large with red irises and no eyebrows. It mouth had full lips that were the same color as its skin. It had long black hair reaching to the back of its knees.

"What are you...?" Serena asked carefully looking at the creature straight in the eyes.

"You know who I am," its replied. Serena thought about it a deep while, when her eyes popped open when it hit her.

"Your my mother aren't you? You are a faerie!" Serena said excited.


"Why did you leave? Why did you leave ME?" Serena said getting up her and her clothes covered in the gray slime. Her mother took one of her long fingernail less fingers and put it on Serena's forhead giving her all the answers to her questions.

A world that was similar to the world of faeries now, but with color appeared in the scene. All the faeries were even happy looking then too. Then the happy world started turning gray, the faeries turnining grim as well. It showed her mother, living in Oceanus with her a baby, she was beautiful, long blonde hair, slightly pointed ears, with gray eyes. But that was soon all to change, when the stones mysteriously disappeared on a night during a lunar eclpise. These stones were the only thing in Tarigot that kept everyone alive.

That was when Serena saw the future of what would happen. She started crying and writhing in pain, when her mom lifted her finger from her forhead allowing Serena to fall back into the gray mess.

"You are the only one who is able to retrieve the stones."

"Why must it be me?"

"Us faeries can't get through, because we are faeries, and humans can't get through since they have not any powers or immunities to protect them from whats in there. You, my daughter, are both, allowing you to get in."

"So I'll hafta do this on my own?'

"We will give you as much assistants as possible, until the portal. Are you willing to do this task?"

Serena thought about it for a moment.

"It's what I must do, to keep from all of Tarigot from slowly disingrating." She replied.